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The Story Behind "My Prince Story"

The loss of Prince was hard for me as it was for many. I kept asking myself the question, “why am I so dramatically affected by the passing of a man I’ve never met?” The answer to that question is complex. The answer lives inside the Question of U. How has Prince impacted your life? Can you remember the moment you realized your connection to this artist was unlike any other connection in your life?

This podcast is NOT about the passing of an icon. It’s about moments in your life that Prince touched. If you’re not busy for the next 7 years, let’s pretend we’re family. Sit down and have a chat.

If you’re looking for a podcast that will remind U of why you fell in love with Prince in the first place...this is the one.

Thank U for welcoming me into your ear holes. If you’ve subscribed to this podcast, I hope to have U as a guest on “My Prince Story” some day soon.

About Me

IMy name is Dana Marshall.  I've worked as a radio personality for 22 years and a record label VP for 7 years.  More importantly, I've been a lover of Prince music since 6th grade.  I currently do a morning show on top-40 103.3 KFR in Kalamazoo and the "My Prince Story" podcast out of my basement.  


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